To request an account on the cluster, please contact us.  If you are planning a project with the CBC (or the CGI) and need to include a description of the computational resources, please use this text.

BBC Cluster (bbcsrv3.biotech.uconn.edu)

32-node Dell Linux cluster running Centos 6.3 and Rocks 6.1 x64.

Node configuration:

  • 1: 16 x Quad-core 2.5 Ghz AMD 6370P processors with 512 GB RAM
  • 4: 4 x 8-core 2.00 GHz Intel Xeon processors with 64 GB RAM
  • 17: 2 x Quad-core 2.53 GHz Intel Xeon processors with 32 GB RAM
  • 10: 2 x Dual-core 2.8 GHz AMD processors with 16 GB RAM

Local storage capacity: Dell PowerVault MD1000 18TB RAID Array

UCHC HPC Cluster (hpc1-submit-int.cam.uchc.edu)

Node Configuration:

  • 2,400 CPU cores with 5.8 TB RAM
  • 7,000 GPU cores with large CPU-only and hybrid compute clusters + OSG cluster

Virtualization Infrastructure:

  • 456 CPU cores, 1 TB RAM VMWare server and desktop virtualization hosts hosting 100+ Windows/Linux virtual machines with SSD high OPS performance cache tier

Datacenter Infrastructure:

  • UPS generator backed power with redundant cooling
  • 3x40 Gbe dark finer connection to off-site DR location

Network (100+ Gbe):

  • Full non-oversubscribed 10/40 GbE datacenter network core layer
  • BioScienceCT Research Network – 100 GbE to CEN, Internet2, Storrs
  • New HPC Science DMZ – low latency, 80 Gb-capable firewall

Storage (2+ PB):

  • 394 TB EMC2 Isilon and 832 TB Qumulo shared scale-out clusters along with 1,056 TB Amplistor on-premise cloud storage

Not our cluster (CERN) but here for inspiration