CBC Newsletter March 2017

March 2017 - Updates from the ISG Computational Biology Core (CBC)
Group Data Therapy Sessions - Biweekly on Fridays!
Bring your data woes to our next session Friday, March 24th.  Our next topic is RADSeq but these will change week to week depending on group input.  We welcome beginners and advanced users to generate a productive discussion.  To get an idea of the group size (and your general interests) - we have a very quick survey.  We currently meet in BioPharm 203.
Announcing Bioinformatics Summer Workshops
CBC Workshops are offered across two full days (cost: $700).  They are open to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.  Each class enrolls a maximum of 10 students and provides hands-on training and background for genomics data analysis.  Use the following survey to tell us about the training you or your group members need.
You can sign-up for two courses offered this summer:
RNA-Seq: Experimental Design and Analysis
Dates: July 20-21 2017, 9-5pm
Location: Beach Hall, Storrs Campus
ChIP-Seq: Experimental Design and Analysis
Dates: August 24-25 2017, 9-5pm
Location: Beach Hall, Storrs Campus
Where are the applications?
We host hundreds of bioinformatics applications!  These applications are hosted on two different clusters (BBC and HPC1).  To find out how to access these applications, visit our software page: http://bioinformatics.uconn.edu/software/
FAST searches!
The CBC is now hosting Diamond indexes in addition to NCBI BLAST.  This similarity search package can align (long or short) sequences against the indexed database of your choice - at incredible speeds!
To learn more about Diamond: https://github.com/bbuchfink/diamond
Database indexes we are supporting: http://bioinformatics.uconn.edu/databases/
Need support?
Starting a new project or have one on the horizon?  Need a consultation, hardware access, or a piece of software installed on the cluster?  Fill out the account request/support form:
Want help from the comfort of your office? Ping us on our new Slack channel.  Anyone with a uconn.edu or a uchc.edu address can join #bioinformatics_help using (uconn-cbc.slack.com)
Upcoming proposal? 
Request a letter from the CBC, Center for Genome Innovation (CGI), and/or the new Proteomics Core:
Recently published a manuscript that benefited from support or hardware at the CBC?  Please tell us!
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