CBC Newsletter September 2017

September 2017 – Updates from the ISG Computational Biology Core (CBC)
**We’ve Moved!**  Find our Bioinformatics Scientists in the new ESB Building.  As always, contact us in advance to schedule an appointment.**
Group Data Therapy Sessions – Biweekly on Fridays at 11:30am!
We welcome beginners and advanced users to generate a productive discussion.  To get an idea of the group size (and your general interests) – we have a very quick survey.
We will be hosting our next Data Therapy Session to provide an introduction to shell scripting on the Xanadu cluster THIS Friday, September 8th at 11:30am in ESB 205 (new building between Pharmacy and Chemistry).  Please note the new time and location.
New Server – More Cores!  Welcome to Xanadu!
If you are seeking more resources – memory and cores – obtain a UCH account (CAM) here: http://bioinformatics.uconn.edu/contact-us/ (select UCH)
This will provide access to our new cluster Xanadu.  Xanadu utilizes Slurm rather than SGE for job management.  To learn how to access and interact with the Xanadu cluster, please go here:
Old Server (BBC users) – Please move your data to Xanadu!
BBC users should be in the process of moving their data over to Xanadu.  Please contact the CBC if you need assistance.  Please clear your home directory AND data residing on /tempdata3 as soon as possible.  The /archive is still available for longterm data storage and will be mounted to Xanadu in the future.

Announcing a mini ChiP-Seq Winter Workshop
CBC Workshops are open to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.  Each class enrolls a maximum of 10 students and provides hands-on training and background for genomics data analysis.  Use the following survey to tell us about the training you or your group members need.  Registration for the following will open soon!
ChIP-Seq: Experimental Design and Analysis
Date: December 18th 2017 (9-1pm)
Location: UCH Campus
Cost: $200
The CBC is now hosting five commercial floating licenses for the Geneious software package.  To access these licenses – please follow the instructions posted here:
To learn more about Geneious, visit: http://www.geneious.com
Need Pathways?  Access Qiagen’s IPA is coming soon!
After assessing the needs of the UConn/UCH research community, it was decided that Qiagen’s IPA will offer more useful features to meet current analysis goals.  A limited offering of IPA will be sponsored by the CBC.  A training session by Qiagen will be announced in the upcoming weeks.
Need support?
Starting a new project or have one on the horizon?  Need a consultation, hardware access, or a piece of software installed on the cluster?  Fill out the account request/support form:
Want help from the comfort of your office? Ping us on our new Slack channel.  Anyone with a uconn.edu OR a uchc.edu address can join #bioinformatics_help using (uconn-cbc.slack.com)
Upcoming proposal? 
Request a letter from the CBC, Center for Genome Innovation (CGI), and/or the new Proteomics Core:
Recently published a manuscript that benefited from support or hardware at the CBC?  Please tell us!
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