Commercial Software


Geneious is a software package which allows you to use many bioinformatics software packages at a one place. It gives many features including:

  • De novo mapping , reference mapping of your NGS data.
  • Visualization of the data and analysis
  • Sequence and chromatin analysis
  • Alignment and tree building
  • Searching using NCBI, Genbank data bases


We have two versions of the software available for use.

  • Standalone user version.
    • This is available as a user standalone version, and it offers lower memory (RAM).
    • User can download the software to their personal computer and use it.
    • How access the software can be found at  tutorial page


To request for a Geneious account, please fill out the “CAM account request for Geneious” using the following  link



IPA (Ingenuity-Pathway-Analysis)

Qiagen’s IPA would allow you biologically interpret RNA-Seq data, analyze pathways and how to create interactive and customize pathways, it also allows you to find the most recent literature finding related to your data.

If you are interested in obtaining an account for your lab, please use the form available here.

To access IPA web version, please click on 

Webinars by qiagen please click here


The maximun slot duration of single slot is 3 days.