Staff provide training and consultation in the use of bioinformatics tools at no charge, but prospective users must schedule an appointment prior to a formal consulting session.

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in learning more about bioinformatics are encouraged to visit the Facility to discuss their research. Having the ability and knowledge to perform bioinformatics analyses is an asset in most areas and will help future researchers in job applications, performing better research, and improving their chances of obtaining grant funding.

Courses Offered at UConn (as of 06/05/2018):


Undergraduate Courses

BME/CSE/MCB/PNB 1401 Computational Molecular Biology
BME/CSE 3810 Computational Genomics
BME 4800/CSE 3800 Bioinformatics
EEB 4100 Big Data Science for Biologists
EEB 4230W Methods of Ecology
MATH 3170/STAT 3965 Elementary Stochastic Processes
MCB 3421 Intro to Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics
MCB 3602W Introduction to Bioinformatic Tools for Microbial Genome
STAT 3005 Biostatistics for Health Professions
STAT 4625 Introduction to Biostatistics

Graduate Courses

BME/CSE 5800 Bioinformatics
BME 6150 Computational Cell Biology for Biomedical Engineers
BME 6160 Computational Genomics
CSE 5810 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
CSE 5815 Systems Biology: Constructing Biological Knowledgebase
CSE 5840 String Algorithms and Applications in Bioinformatics
CSE 5860 Computational Problems in Evolutionary Genomics
CSE 6800 Computational Genomics
EEB 5300 Practical Genomics in Ecology and Evolution
EEB 5347 Principles and Methods of Systematic Biology
EEB 5348 Population Genetics
EEB 5349 Phylogenetics
EEB 5350 Molecular Systematics
EEB 5371 Current Topics in Molecular Evolution and Systematics
MCB 5372 Computer Methods in Molecular Evolution
MCB 5429 Theory and Practice of High Throughput Sequence Analysis
MCB 5430 Analysis of Eukaryotic Functional Genomic Data
MCB 5471 Current Topics in Molecular Evolution and Systemics
MCB 5472 Computational Methods in Molecular Evolution
MCB 5672 Applied Bioinformatics
STAT 5625 Introduction to Biostatistics
STAT 6625 Seminar in Biostatistics

Other Online/In-Person Courses (2018):

Organization  Course Current session Cost Location
Coursera Bioinformatics (7-course series) June 4 $49.00/month Online,
UC San Diego
Coursera Systems Biology and Biotechnology (6-course series) June 25 $39.00/month Online,
Mount Sinai
Coursera Big Data, Genes, and Medicine June 4 $49.00
one-time fee
Online, SUNY
Cold Spring Harbor Computational Genomics Nov 28 – Dec 5 $2,855 (board/lodging incl) Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Cold Spring Harbor Programming for Biology Oct 15-30 $4,165
(board/lodging incl)
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Cold Spring Harbor Genome Access Course Sep 23-25 $1,075
(board/lodging incl)
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Past Meetings and Conferences 

Conference Time Location
International Plant and Animal Genome XXV January 14-18, 2017 San Diego, CA, USA
NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference February 6, 2017 San Diego, CA, USA
9th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology March 20, 2017 Honolulu, HI, USA
NGS 2017 – Structural Variation and Population Genomics April 3, 2017  Barcelona, Spain


Online Course Materials Available Anytime (Past Years):

Coursera MSU NGS Summer Course EBI: Next Generation Sequencing Practical Course
Software Carpentry Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics UC Riverside Bioinformatics Manuals
Open Helix Funet UC Davis Bioinformatics Training Program
EMBL-EBI Train Online Bioinformatcs Tutorials Perl & Unix for Bioinformatics
Canadian Bionformatics Workshops ANGUS University of Oslo NGS Course
R Programming Video Lectures Computational Biology
Bioconductor Course Materials Web Seminar

Online Forums answering questions about bioinformatics analysis

Online Resources discussing bioinformatics trends and software

RNA-Seq Blog | Transcriptome Sequencing Research and Industry News

Living in an Ivory Basement | Stochastic news on science, testing, and programming

Open Helix Blog | Discussing publicly available genomics data

Homologus | Frontier in Bioinformatics

Getting Genomics Done | Getting things done in genetics and bioinformatics research

Professional Organizations supporting research in Bioinformatics

International Society for Computational Biology

International Society for Biocuration

Bioinformatics Organization