To use the new PacBio portal use the following link:


To log into the SMRT Portal please use the xanadu login credentials.


Once logged into the system, you will be directed into the welcome screen.



Uploading Data

To upload data to the portal use, “Data Management” link.


Then you will be directed to the data management subsection, where you can upload your data:


Once you click the data import link, you will be directed to a window, where you can select your data depending the type.



Then using the pop up window, specify the data location and file(s).


Once the data has been uploaded it will give you a  “Id” and “Job ID” which you can refer for the analysis step.



Use the “SMRT Analysis” to analysis your data.


Once you click the “create new analysis” tab you will be directed to a new window, where you can select your data, and select the method of analysis.


Once you select your data sets, click the NEXT button. Which will get you to the next screen which allows you to select the analysis type.

Once you done selecting the analysis type, then click the START button to start the analysis.