Data Therapy 

These sessions will be held bi-weekly on Fridays.  Join us, and the next session will be on May 5th !!! 
We welcome beginners and advanced users to generate a productive discussion! 
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CBC Events

Data Therapy Week – 06 : Introduction to HPC Resources

Friday, April 21st at 10:00 am in BioPharm 203.

Data Therapy Week – 05 : ChIP-Seq

Friday, April 7th at 10:00 am in BioPharm 203.


Data Therapy Week – 04 : RADSeq

Friday, March 24th at 10:00 am in BioPharm 203.


Data Therapy Week – 03 : Genome Assembly

Friday March 3rd at 10.00 am in BioPharm 203
Discussed ideal sequencing strategies for de-novo genome assembly of  Non-model species.

Discussed genome assembly tools/softwares e.g.: MaSuRCA, Allpaths, SOAPdenovo2, SPAdes

What type of sequencing data is better when you are doing a population studies?

How to go about doing assembly when you have RAD-seq data.

CBC Open House 2017

Friday, 24th of February at  Grossman Auditorium, Cell and Genome Science Building, UConn Health Center.  [schedule]

Data Therapy Week – 02 : Discussion on Databases

 Friday, Feb. 17th at 10:00am in BioPharm 203.

Data Therapy Week – 01 : Introduction to the CBC and the resources

Feb 3rd 2017

Next Session

May 5th 2017

10 am @ BioPharm 203

Topic - Open for Discussion


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