Bioinformatics Services Offered Through CBC

 The rates posted reflect standard informatics analysis.  It is very common for analysis to require additional steps or applications that are outside of the standard toolbox.  In those cases, we can provide quotes on a case-by-case basis.

Consultations, advice, server accounts, and data storage remain free services the CBC provides.  Should you require direct assistance with scripting or data analysis, we can offer a free estimate to you based on your project requirements.  Projects will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Estimates on the timeline for completion will be made available at the time the quotation is generated and the data is available for analysis.
To request a quote for your project, please provide a brief description here.
Services provided by the CBC:
  • NCBI/Ensembl Data Submission
  • Web or Application Hosting Configuration at UCH
  • Data Acquisition/Storage
  • Genome Assembly
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • ChIP-Seq Analysis
  • Single Cell Analysis
  • WGS and WXS analysis
  • Other Services Available

A template of the report that will be provided at the end of the analysis can be found [here]

NOTE: For external customers (Research labs outside UConn), there will be a 35% surcharge over the listed price.  

              Get a 10% discount  when you combine data analytics with CGI sequencing services

              The rates are applicable For FY 2023-24 starting 1st July 2023



CBC Data analysis services  
Estimates will be provided in advance based on experimental design, scale and complexity
Data Analysis and other services (Internal) (UConn and UCHC affiliate members) $95.87 /hour
Data Analysis and other services (External) $129.42/hour
Timeline: Turnaround time is will depend on study type and data complexity.  A plausible timeline will be provided at the time of discussion. As a rough guide a typical RNAseq analysis with 12 samples, 2 conditions will take 15-20 analysis hours.


Workshops/Trainings offered by CBC
Workshop/training sessions will be advertised from time to time. The rates below are for 4-day long virtual workshops (3hrs each day).
HPC and Linux Introduction Workshop $ 50
Internal Participants $ 400
External Participants $ 500
Programming for Biologists (R, Python programming sessions taught as a course over 10-12 weeks) $ 250