CBC UConn Health Workshop Registration

ISG CBC Event Schedule at Health Centre - 2023

Workshop: IPA Pathway Analysis

Dates:  November 9, 2022

Time: 2pm - 4pm 

Location:   ARB large conference room

UConn Health

263 Farmington Ave.

Cost: Free

Registration Open                  link

IPA workshop : Learning Scope

Query, view and explore IPA’s library of >118,000 high quality datasets

Exploring public data and generating hypotheses without dataset

(ideal for Grant writing)

  • Exploring how gene is expressed across different disease, cell type, tissue and other conditions
  • Constructing networks and predicting activity changes in silico
  • Searching for pre-analyzed public datasets / studies

Gaining biological insight through interpretation of your own datasets

  • Data upload and analysis setup
  • Interpreting key biological findings
  • Comparing biological findings to public studies.
  • Create your own networks starting from gene(s) and growing out to diseases or functions
  • Predict the impact of changes that you make to a custom network or an established pathway

Project specific questions will be answered in the Q&A Session following the workshop.

Workshop: OpenRefine

Dates:  March 7, 2023

Time: 9am- 11am 

Location:   Virtual

Cost:  Free

Registration Open                  link

OpenRefine : A visual data cleaning and exploration of messy data

TSV, CSV, *SV, Excel (.xls and .xlsx), JSON, XML, RDF as XML, and Google Data documents are all supported

“A power tool for working with messy data”

Explore - Get to know your data better

Clean - Standardise the data entries and fix any inconsistency with faceting, clustering, cell transforms, GREL expressions…

Enrich - Enrich your data by combining datasets from online resources/databases

Transform - easily subset, change the format, split/merge columns effortlessly,  transpose columns/rows…

Automate - Annotate, record, and preserve your processing routine for transparency, then automate its reuse....

A Tabular data case will be demonstrated.


Workshop: Single-cell RNA-seq Data analysis

Dates:  March 20-23, 2023

Time: 9am- 1pm (4 days)

Location:   Virtual/InPerson*(UConn Health)

Cost:  $350 (UConn Participants)

  $483 (External Participants)

* Subject to participation strength from UConn Health.

Registration Open                  link

scRNA Data Analysis workshop : Learning Objective

Introduction to High performance computing Cluster. Brief introduction to Linux and R.

Introduction to different data file formats.

Understanding the Considerations while designing single-cell RNA-seq experiment

Hands on steps to convert raw single-cell RNA-seq data to a count or expression matrix

Compute and assess QC of the datasets

Clustering of Cells (UMAP, tSNE) and identify cluster specific markers and annotating cell types.

Perform integration of different sample conditions.

Perform trajectory analysis in cell differentiation.

Workshop: Circos Plots in R

Dates:  April 4, 2023

Time: 9am- 11am 

Location:   Virtual

Cost:  Free

Registration Open                  link

Circos plots in R

RCircos package provides a simple and flexible way to make Circos 2D track plots with R. It could be easily integrated into other R data processing and graphic manipulation pipelines for presenting large-scale multi-sample genomic research data. It can also serve as a base tool to generate complex Circos images.

There are three commonly used packages in R for Circos plots, and an introduction will be provided to all of them.


Prerequisites: A Basic understanding of R will be ideal.