CBC Open House Schedule

CBC Open House Schedule – Feb 24th 2017

The Computational Biology Core Open House will be held at the Cell and Genome Sciences building at UCH on February 24th from 9:30am to 4:00pm.
Shuttle transportation is available from Storrs (departing at 8:00am and leaving UCH at 4:00pm in the afternoon to return) for those interested.  Lunch is provided for registered attendees.  Please RSVP here!
This event will provide an update on the new resources available for bioinformatics support including team members, software, workshops, and hardware.  Updates will also be provided for the associated sequencing facilities (CGI and MARS) as well as the new Proteomics Core.  Research talks will focus on members of the UConn community actively using the resources available through the CBC.  Please join us for a fun and informative day!


9:00  -  9:30 am  - Coffee and Registration
9:30  -  9:45 am  -  Institute for Systems Genomics Opening

Marc Lalande - Professor and Chair Genetics and Genome Sciences, Director of the ISG

9:45   -  10:10 am  - Overview of Computational Biology Core

Jill Wegrzyn - Assistant Professor EEB and CBC Director

10:15  -  12:00 pm  - GeneXplain Demonstration (video conference) - NGS and Pathway Analysis
12:00  -  12:30 pm  - Sequencing Overview at CGI and MARS

Rachel O'Neill Professor MCB and CGI Director

Bo Reese - Senior Scientist CGI

Kendra Maas - Senior Scientist MARS

12:30  -   2:00 pm  -  Lunch (Provided by DELL and Intel)
 1:30  -    2:00 pmOptional Tour of HPC hardware resources at UCH

Ion Moraru - Professor Cell Biology, Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling 

Stephen King - System Administrator UCH  

2:00  -   2:30 pmHPC Resources for UConn/UCHC

Ion Moraru - Professor Cell Biology, Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling

Ed Swindelles - Manager of Technical Projects

2:30  -   2:45 pm -  Research Talk: Developmental genetics of pigment pattern formation in flowers

Yaowu Yuan - Assistant Professor EEB  

2:45  -   3:00 pm -  Research Talk: Effects of poor maternal nutrition on offspring growth and development

Sarah Reed - Assistant Professor Animal Science  

3:00  -   3:15 pm -  Overview of Proteomics Core

Dan Schwartz  - Assistant Professor PNB and Core Director 

3:15  -   3:30 pm -  Research Talk: The Hawaiian bobtail squid as a model for exploring beneficial host-microbe interactions

Spencer Nyholm - Associate Professor MCB

3:30 -   3:45 pm -  Research Talk: Identification of mutations during progressive adaptation of African swine fever virus to vero cells using next-generation sequencing

Douglas GladueUSDA-ARS/Vet PathoBio

3:45 -   3:50 pm - Closing

Vijender Singh - Lead Bioinformatics Scientist CBC

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24th of February 2017

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM 

UConn Health - Cell and Genome Sciences Building


UCHC Cell and Genome Sciences
400 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030


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